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Our ColdFusion-based CMS has been developed over years to satisfy our client’s needs for a simple and flexible content management system.

Manage your web content – a piece of cake thanks to our modular tools. Add modules to our standard package - WYSIWIG & layout - based on need: e.g. newsletter, e-shop, forum or document management.

« Main features are the ease of use and the flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs »

webIQ CMS is based on open the open scripting language ColdFusion -  which nextron knows inside out – so all applications can be tailored to the client’s needs. By combining standardisation and customisation it is ideal for medium sized companies with a focus on state of the art usability and analytics.

By focussing on the website visitor’s needs instead of just generating content, webIQ offers a new approach for the creation and maintenance of web portals and complex websites.

webIQ is not only a CMS but a powerful and innovative market research and management information system.

webIQ 5.0 offers new features:

  • One-stop multisite support (ww.xxx.ch, intranet.xxx.ch, produkt.xxx.ch)
  • utf-8 based languages supported (Chinese, Russian etc.)
  • full support for responsive web design using modular content generation

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