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Mura – the open source CMS Mura is based on the industry-standard JAVA. Its primary goal is to keep the creation and maintenance of your website as simple as possible.

No matter if you’re using a website, a microsite, intra- or extranet or a community website: Mura CMS satisfies all needs and is ready for any enhancement.

Besides basic functionality like WYSIWIG editor, metadata, search engine optimisation or time-based publishing there is a huge variety of additional modules and functions in the base package facilitating the creation or maintenance of your website.

Mura’s Class Extension Manager (CEM) ensures that mapping of complex custom specific needs will be simple, cost neutral and easy to use.

  • Front-end development is handled via third party frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Bootstrap etc.) without having to touch the CMS
  • Back-end development will be done via third party frameworks (e.g. MVC, API etc.) at minimal integration costs and dependencies

Integrate all applications supporting your business in the internet: product catalogues, shops or a customised solution – with Mura CMS it’s easy and straightforward.


Any functionality available – thanks to class extensions, plug-ins and pre-defined modules.


To gain maximum effect Mura CMS facilitates your SEO/SEM activities and provides an easy to use solution for URL, keywords and metadata.

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