Client's Feedback

Feedback from our clients...

Santino Cambria | Clover Coaching AG

nextron has already realised the second website for us. Collaboration works fine and realisation of our website has been performed accurately within time and budget. Even after completion nextron continues to support us with our needs.

Matthias Schmitz | Roman Catholic Church Basel-Stadt

With creation of our website nextron has fully met our expectations. They are managing our 200 mailboxes and take care of all changes and development of our website in a timely fashion. We are very happy with nextron.

Carine Notter | International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS)

We’ve been working with nextron since 2007 and have been through many changes and upgrades. We had a ton of specifications which had to be met. Our website is constantly growing and nextron was able to accommodate all of our additional needs. They clearly understand what we need. If you want a pleasant professional experience pick nextron.

Heinrich Meyer | Netzmedien AG

We’ve been working with nextron since the turn of the millennium. Nextron is a capable internet agency valuing good customer liaison. Our servers are in good hands.

Cornelia Frei | aprentas

Thanks to nextron’s clear methodology and handling, comprehensive approach and high performance the redesign of our website had been completed within time and budget.

Susi Hostettler-Birrer | Schwimmverein beider Basel

Professionalität, die Spass macht!

Bedürfnisse werden sofort erkannt!
Umsetzung in rekordverdächtiger Zeit!
Erstklassiger und professioneller Kontakt!
Hervorragendes Ergebnis!
Zufriedene Stakeholder!

Alles in allem: «Der Schwimmverein beider Basel empfiehlt nextron vorbehaltlos 100 % weiter, sei es für die Neu- und/oder Umgestaltung einer Website, als auch für den Support anschliessend»

José Gonzalez | Nikon AG

nextron has successfully developed and maintained several portals for us, like and since 1998. As our time-critical needs are being handled instantly and reliably, nextron has become an essential partner for us.

Martin Maurer | Profondia AG

nextron has been managing our complex e-business CRM platform since 2004. This platform allows our clients to access our marketing database directly to perform complex selections for their exports. As they were able to map our business processes with a user-friendly solution so well, we’ve also had our intranet platform programmed for time management and project planning. nextron is an important and reliable partner and we are looking forward for further cooperation.

Marcial Hofer | Canton Hospital Baselland

Our web and intranet platforms have been implemented and managed by nextron for years. We are committed to continue working with nextron seeing their flexibility and fast reaction during technical support.

Andreas Hutter | Explora Events AG

The relaunch of our website had been handled straightforwardly and swiftly. I feared that planning would be time consuming but nextron was able satisfy our needs and sort all problems quicker than expected. I am excited with the result and will recommend nextron to others.