20 years of nextron

1996 to 2016 – 20 years of nextron

It all started at the phone booths on Barfüsserplatz. Even before the time of the internet’s gold rush days with web companies mushrooming everywhere... and now it’s our 20th anniversary already.

Phantom Lord, Woddel & Schelm

The three boys “Phantom Lord”, “Woddel” and “Schelm” got to know each other on a BBS Mailbox – comparable to nowadays chatrooms. They exchanged tips and tricks and eventually had the idea to create a website for Basel – something which did not exist at that time. They first met at the telephone booths of Barfüsserplatz - a popular and central location in Basel/CH, used at the time to meet when going out; keep in mind, there were no mobile phones either… -  that was in July 1995.

One month later, the three started with “www.bsonline.ch” – compared to today, a rather rudimentary website for tourists. “This platform was the catalyser for everything that happened later on. It was a guinea pig to gain first know-how and a show case for our customers” explains Lukas Frei. Following the registration as “GmbH” (“Ltd”) nextron started to get mandates and 20 years later more than 500 projects have been realised.

..to the next 20 years!