ColdFusion 5 Module for Apache 2.x

This is the unofficial ColdFusion module for Apache 2.x on Win32, modified and compiled by Dwayne Miller, released to us on 04/23/02 (2.0.35), 06/19/02 (2.0.39), 08/14/02 (2.0.40) and 10/09/02 (2.0.43).
This is not an official release of Macromedia, nor is it supported by them. Maybe they will release a version of their own, but no official statement about a scheduled release could be aquired.

Attention: This is only for ColdFusion 5.0. ColdFusion MX uses entierly different technology (java) and is implemented in a completely different way. We do NOT provide a solution for that.

The module has been tested by several developers, including us here at nextron, and found to be working perfectly fine so far (one of our productive servers doing more than 25'000 cfm-requests per day).

As with all modules, it goes into the /#apache-root#/modules - directory

The following directives are to be added to the httpd.conf:

LoadModule coldfusion_module modules/
AddHandler type-coldfusion cfm dbm

By adding more extensions to the AddHandler-directive, you can even make .html-files (for example) to be rerouted to the coldfusion-server for interpretation.

Download the for Apache 2.0.35 (48 KB)
Download the for Apache 2.0.39 (48 KB)
Download the for Apache 2.0.40 (48 KB)
Download the for Apache 2.0.43-xx (48 KB)

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